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Al Gharayen Area Sharjah Guide

Al Gharayen or Al Qarayen is a popular residential district in Sharjah and is a rapidly developing residential area in Sharjah, offering a blend of traditional and modern living.

Al Gharayen has five villa sub-communities that are numbered from one to five. The master community lies between University City Road (S120) and Al Dhaid Road (E88). 

Residential properties in Al Gharayen include independent villas that are fenced with high boundary walls. Since these properties are tucked away from commercial areas, residents get to live with extra privacy in a peaceful environment.

This area has become a preferred choice for families and professionals seeking a serene yet well-connected neighborhood.

With its strategic location, comprehensive amenities, and vibrant community, Al Gharayen provides an ideal living environment.

  • Living: Primarily consists of villas, ideal for those seeking a more spacious home, perfect for families. You’ll find options for rent or purchase.
  • Location: Conveniently situated right opposite Sharjah International Airport, making travel easy.
  • Entertainment: Sharjah Discovery Centre provides a fun and educational escape for children aged 3-12, while adults can explore the various museums and convention centers nearby. Shopping is also a breeze with Matajer Al Juraina and Zero 6 Mall close by.
  • Nature: If you enjoy spending time outdoors, the area boasts the expansive Sharjah National Park, perfect for picnics, walks, or escaping the city buzz.

Overall, this location provides a good balance between family-friendly living, entertainment options, and access to nature.

Proximity to Major Landmarks

Al Gharayen is situated close to several key landmarks and facilities in Sharjah and the neighboring emirate of Dubai. The area enjoys easy access to:

image 6

Sharjah International Airport (SIA):

  • Convenience for Frequent Flyers: Located just a short drive from Al Gharayen, Sharjah International Airport offers a hassle-free travel experience. You can avoid the hustle and bustle of Dubai International Airport while still enjoying a good selection of airlines and destinations.
  • Low-Cost Options: Sharjah International Airport is a hub for several budget airlines, making it an attractive option for cost-conscious travelers.
  • Expanding Network: The airport is continuously adding new routes, increasing its global connectivity.

University City Sharjah:

  • Renowned Institutions: Home to prestigious universities like the University of Sharjah, American University of Sharjah, and Al Qasimia University, University City caters to a diverse range of academic interests.
  • Ideal for Families with Students: The proximity of University City to Al Gharayen allows families with university-going children to find suitable housing options without compromising on commute times.
  • Vibrant Student Life: University City offers a dynamic atmosphere with student clubs, organizations, and events, enriching the student experience beyond academics.

Sahara Centre:

  • Shopaholic’s Paradise: One of the largest shopping malls in Sharjah, Sahara Centre boasts a vast array of retail stores, from international fashion brands to local boutiques.
  • Dining Delights: The mall houses a wide selection of restaurants, cafes, and fast-food outlets, catering to all palates and budgets.
  • Entertainment Hub: Sahara Centre offers a variety of entertainment options, including a multiplex cinema, a bowling alley, and a family entertainment center, providing fun activities for all ages.

Dubai International Airport (DXB) Within Reach:

  • Global Gateway: A mere 30-minute drive from Al Gharayen lies Dubai International Airport, a major international hub connecting Sharjah residents to destinations worldwide.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Having access to both Sharjah and Dubai International Airports allows residents greater flexibility and potentially opens doors to a wider range of travel options and deals.
  • Exploring Dubai: The proximity to Dubai International Airport makes it convenient for residents to explore the vibrant city of Dubai with its plethora of attractions and experiences.


The well-planned road network ensures smooth connectivity to major highways, including:

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road (E311):

Connecting Sharjah to Dubai and other northern emirates.

This major highway, also known as SMBZ Road, acts as a vital artery connecting Sharjah with Dubai and other northern emirates like Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, and Ras Al Khaimah.

EM311 offers a smooth and efficient route for residents traveling to Dubai for work, leisure, or entertainment.

The highway extends further north, allowing for easy access to the scenic landscapes and cultural experiences offered by the northern emirates.

Al Dhaid Road (E88):

Providing direct access to the interior regions of Sharjah and other emirates.

This east-west highway provides direct access to the interior regions of Sharjah, including the picturesque Al Dhaid oasis and the mountainous landscapes of the eastern UAE.

Al Dhaid Road allows residents to explore Sharjah’s rich heritage and natural beauty beyond the bustling city center.

E88 plays a significant role in connecting Sharjah with other emirates like Fujairah and the Eastern Coast.

Residential Options

Diverse Housing Choices

Al Gharayen offers a variety of residential options catering to different preferences and budgets:


Spacious and luxurious, ideal for families seeking privacy and ample living space. Al Gharayen predominantly houses larger properties.

It is a residential community in Sharjah that is known for its large villas with ample garden space. A few Al Gharayen villas are moderately furnished with floor-to-ceiling windows, complete kitchen cabinetry, and fancy ceiling lamps and chandeliers.

image 7

The external area consists of a front garden enclosed by high boundary walls. Some houses also have a large backyard. Each villa comes with a covered parking space for at least two vehicles. 

Community Amenities

Educational Institutions

Al Gharayen is home to several top-tier educational institutions, making it a preferred choice for families with school-going children:

Sharjah International Private School (SIPS): This school follows the British Curriculum and is co-educational. You can find more details on their website regarding their programs, teaching methodologies, and facilities.

Emirates American School (EAS): This school offers the American Curriculum in a co-educational setting.

New World American Private School: Similar to EAS, this school offers an American curriculum for both boys and girls.

Al Wahda Private School: Since details about their curriculum and gender segregation are unclear, you’ll need to do some additional research.

Higher Education:

1. University of Sharjah (UoS):

  • Focus: A comprehensive university with a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various disciplines, including engineering, business, humanities, sciences, and medicine.
  • Highlights: Renowned for its strong research programs and international collaborations. Offers scholarships and financial aid opportunities for deserving students.
  • Website:

2. American University of Sharjah (AUS):

  • Focus: Offers American-style education with an emphasis on critical thinking, liberal arts, and interdisciplinary studies.
  • Highlights: Highly respected for its international faculty, strong alumni network, and state-of-the-art facilities. Provides opportunities for study abroad programs and international internships.
  • Website:

3. Al Qasimia University (AQU):

  • Focus: Well-known for its emphasis on Islamic studies and the Arabic language. Also offers programs in social sciences, humanities, and education.
  • Highlights: Plays a significant role in preserving Islamic heritage and culture. Offers Arabic language courses for non-native speakers.pen_spark
  • Website: (Note: The website might be in Arabic, so you might need a translation tool)

Healthcare Facilities

Residents have access to quality healthcare services within close proximity:

  • Al Qarain Health Center: This community health center seems to be the most prominent facility in Al Gharayen itself. It likely offers basic medical services like consultations, vaccinations, and primary care. You can find contact details and potentially more information through the Sharjah Health Authority website ( or by searching online.

Nearby Options:

  • Family Health Promotion Center – Sharjah: Situated not too far from Al Gharayen, this facility appears to be a hospital offering a wider range of services. It might be a good option for consultations with specialists, diagnostic tests, and potentially even some in-patient care.

Shopping and Dining

Retail Outlets

Al Gharayen offers a diverse shopping experience with numerous retail outlets, including:

Neighborhood Stores:

Scattered throughout Al Gharayen’s sub-communities are smaller grocery stores and supermarkets like Rukn Al Saada Supermarket, Al Fanar Grocery, Madeenat Al Qaraien Supermarket, and Sharjah Cooperative Society Supermarket. These stores offer essential groceries, household items, and personal care products.

Larger Supermarkets:

While not directly in Al Gharayen, a short drive away are supermarkets like Carrefour Market at Matajer Al Juraina Mall. These larger supermarkets provide a wider selection of groceries, including international brands and organic produce.

Dining Options

A wide array of dining options cater to different tastes and preferences:

Everyday Eats:

  • Fast Food: Several fast-food chains cater to quick and convenient meals. Options like McDonald’s, Hardee’s, Pizza Hut, and Burger King are likely available within Al Gharayen or the immediate vicinity.
  • Local Cafeterias: Small, family-run cafeterias serving Emirati and Arabic cuisine are likely scattered throughout the area. These offer affordable and delicious meals like hummus, falafel, grilled meats, and rice dishes.
  • Bakeries: Freshly baked bread, pastries, and snacks are staples in Emirati life. Local bakeries like Shabab Al Shaba Bakery would be a good option for these items.

Matajer Al Juraina: The nearby Matajer Al Juraina mall offers a wider range of restaurants. You might find familiar fast-food chains, casual dining options like cafes and international chains, and potentially even some local favorites.

Zero 6 Mall: This upscale mall in University City Sharjah boasts a more diverse selection of restaurants, including fine-dining establishments and international chains like Angelina Paris (French) and Wagamama (Japanese).

Transport and Connectivity

Public Transport

Al Gharayen is well-served by public transport, ensuring easy accessibility:

Bus Routes:

  • Route 14: This route appears to be the most relevant for Al Gharayen residents. It connects Al Sharq Terminal with Sharjah International Airport, passing through various areas, including Al Gharayen and Al Nouf. This route offers a convenient way to access the airport and other parts of Sharjah.
  • Bus Services: Al Gharayen likely has a few designated bus stops along Route 14. Looking for signage with the Mowasalat logo or using online resources can help you locate them. Connecting the area to various parts of Sharjah and Dubai.
  • Taxis: Readily available for convenient and quick travel.

Al Gharayen stands out as a prime residential area in Sharjah, offering a perfect blend of convenience, comfort, and community living. Its strategic location, diverse housing options, comprehensive amenities, and future growth potential make it an ideal choice for those seeking a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

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