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Al Khan Area Guide – Keyspace Realty

Nestled on the Arabian Gulf coast, Al Khan is a vibrant beachfront community in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

This guide aims to provide an in-depth look at Al Khan, offering insights into its residential appeal, commercial opportunities, and unique attractions.

Whether you’re considering moving to Al Khan or just visiting, this guide will help you explore everything this remarkable area has to offer.

Why Choose Al Khan?

  • Beach Bliss: Al Khan boasts some of Sharjah’s most beautiful beaches. The pristine sands and clear waters are ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and indulging in water sports.
  • Waterfront Serenity: Al Khan Lagoon, also known as Al Khan Bay, is a picturesque gem. Many apartments and villas here offer breathtaking waterfront views, perfect for unwinding after a long day.
  • Park Paradise: Lush green parks dot the landscape of Al Khan, providing a welcome respite amidst the urban buzz. These parks are perfect for family picnics, leisurely strolls, or simply soaking in the fresh air.
  • Affordable Haven: Compared to other waterfront communities in Sharjah, Al Khan offers a wider range of budget-friendly residential options, from cozy apartments to spacious villas.
  • Foodie Delights: From casual cafes to fine-dining restaurants, Al Khan caters to diverse palates. Explore the local flavors or indulge in international cuisine.
  • Family-Friendly Focus: The peaceful and safe environment makes Al Khan a perfect choice for families. Schools, parks, and an overall serene vibe ensure a comfortable upbringing for children.
  • Well-Connected Hub: Al Khan enjoys good connectivity to other parts of Sharjah with a well-developed transportation network.

History of Al Khan

Al Khan’s history dates back to ancient times, serving as a key trading hub due to its strategic location along the Arabian Gulf.

Over the years, it has evolved from a small fishing village into a bustling urban center.

The area has witnessed significant development, blending traditional architecture with modern infrastructure.

Geographical Location

Located in the emirate of Sharjah, Al Khan enjoys proximity to several key landmarks, including the Sharjah Aquarium and Al Khan Lagoon.

image 2

Its strategic position offers easy access to major highways, making it convenient for residents and visitors to travel to nearby Dubai and other parts of Sharjah.

Al Khan offers a variety of housing options to suit different lifestyles and budgets.

From luxurious waterfront apartments to more affordable housing units, there’s something for everyone.

Notable residential complexes include Al Khan Corniche Apartments and the expansive Al Khan Lagoon Tower, which offer stunning views and top-notch amenities.

Cultural Significance & Recreational Facilities

Al Khan boasts several heritage sites that reflect its rich history and cultural heritage.

The Sharjah Maritime Museum and Sharjah Aquarium are popular attractions that offer insights into the region’s maritime history and marine life.

Art enthusiasts will appreciate the local galleries showcasing works by both emerging and established artists.

For those who enjoy outdoor activities, Al Khan offers numerous parks and open spaces, such as Al Khan Beach and Al Montazah Parks.

The area also features sports and fitness centers, providing ample opportunities for residents to stay active and healthy.

Beyond the Beach: Exploring Al Khan’s Treasures

While the beaches are a major draw, Al Khan offers a treasure trove of experiences:

  • Sharjah Aquarium: Immerse yourself in the underwater world at the Sharjah Aquarium, featuring diverse marine life from the Arabian Gulf.
  • Expo Centre Sharjah: Witness Sharjah’s thriving business scene at the state-of-the-art Expo Centre, a venue for conferences, exhibitions, and events.
  • Al Qasba: Take a scenic stroll along the Al Qasba canal, a charming waterfront district brimming with cafes, restaurants, and entertainment options.

Al Khan truly offers something for everyone. Whether you’re seeking a beachfront haven, a family-friendly community, or an affordable base to explore Sharjah, Al Khan welcomes you with open arms.

Now Let’s Talk Food! Restaurants in the Al Khan Area

Food lovers will find a diverse range of dining options in Al Khan, from traditional Emirati cuisine to international flavors.

Popular spots include Al Khan Restaurant, Café, and the waterfront eateries at Al Qasba.

The nightlife scene, while not as bustling as Dubai’s, offers several cozy lounges and cafes where you can unwind.

Here are some options to tantalize your taste buds:

Fine Dining:

Al Khan Restaurant (Pullman Sharjah): This international buffet restaurant offers a global culinary journey, perfect for a special occasion.

Live Cooking Stations:

Witness culinary artistry firsthand as skilled chefs prepare a variety of dishes live at interactive cooking stations. This adds to the vibrant atmosphere and allows you to see the freshest ingredients being transformed into delicious creations.

Something for Everyone:

The extensive buffet caters to diverse palates, ensuring there’s something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast, a meat lover, a vegetarian, or have dietary restrictions, Al Khan Restaurant accommodates your preferences.

Casual Eats:

  • Shabab Al Khan Cafeteria: A local favorite serving up delicious and affordable Emirati fare. This place has a great old school drive in vibe.
  • Burj Al Khan: This burger joint is a popular spot for a quick and satisfying meal. Burj Al Khan is a restaurant located in UAE, serving a selection of Cafeteria, Fast Food, Arabic that delivers across Al Khan.

This is just a taste of the many restaurants Al Khan has to offer. With its wide variety of cuisines and dining options, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your cravings.

Educational Institutes AlKhan

While the beaches are a major draw, Al Khan offers a treasure trove of experiences, including educational institutions catering to various age groups:

Early Education:

Little Feet Nursery, Al Khan: Little Feet Nursery offers a warm and nurturing environment for children aged 1 to 4 years old. This Montessori-based nursery prioritizes play-based learning and personalized attention, fostering a love for learning in its young students.

Focus on Social Development:

The nursery fosters opportunities for children to interact with their peers, develop social skills, and build friendships.

Early Introduction to Arabic and English:

Children are gently introduced to both Arabic and English languages, preparing them for future education.

Optional Activities:

Some Little Feet Nursery branches may offer additional activities like music classes or physical education.

Primary and Secondary Schools:

Al Khan School for Kindergarten & Cycle 1:

This public school offers Arabic-medium education for kindergarten and cycle 1 (grades 1-3).

Located in the heart of Al Khan, Sharjah, the Al Khan School for Kindergarten & Cycle 1 serves as a public school option for children in kindergarten and Cycle 1 (grades 1 to 3). This school provides a foundational education within the Arabic medium curriculum set by the Sharjah Educational Authority.

What to Expect at Al Khan School for Kindergarten & Cycle 1:

  • Curriculum: The school follows the UAE Ministry of Education’s Arabic medium curriculum, focusing on core subjects like:
    • Arabic Language and Islamic Studies
    • Mathematics
    • Science and Social Studies
    • Life Skills and Physical Education
  • Language of Instruction: Arabic is the primary language of instruction at Al Khan School. This provides a full immersion experience for Arabic-speaking children.
  • Age Groups: The school caters to students in kindergarten and Cycle 1 (grades 1 to 3).
  • Facilities: While specific details may be limited, public schools in Sharjah generally provide basic classrooms, play areas, and essential resources for learning.
  • Teacher Qualifications: Emirati teachers with qualifications in early childhood education or primary education likely staff the school.

Victoria International School of Sharjah (Al Khan Branch):

This private school provides a British curriculum education from Foundation Stage (preschool) to Year 13 (high school).

This co-educational school caters to children from Foundation Stage (preschool) all the way through Year 13 (high school), providing a seamless learning journey from early years to university preparation.

Why Choose Victoria International School of Sharjah (Al Khan Branch)?

  • British Curriculum: VISS Al Khan follows the prestigious British Curriculum, known for its well-rounded approach to education. This curriculum emphasizes:
    • Core Subjects: A strong foundation in English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.
    • Creative and Practical Subjects: Art, Music, Drama, Physical Education, and Design & Technology are integrated into the curriculum, fostering creativity and practical skills.
    • Personal Development: The curriculum focuses on developing critical thinking, communication, problem-solving, and social skills, preparing students for future success.
  • Highly Qualified Teachers: VISS employs a team of experienced and qualified teachers, many of whom are native English speakers. This ensures high-quality instruction and effective delivery of the British Curriculum.
  • Supportive Learning Environment: Small class sizes and a personalized approach allow teachers to cater to individual student needs and learning styles.
  • Beyond Academics: VISS offers a variety of extracurricular activities, sports teams, and enrichment programs to encourage students to explore their talents and interests outside the classroom.
  • Modern Facilities: VISS Al Khan boasts well-equipped classrooms, science labs, computer labs, a library, and dedicated spaces for creative activities and sports.

Additionally, higher education institutions like the American University of Sharjah are easily accessible.

Healthcare Services In AlKhan

While the beaches are a major draw, Al Khan offers a treasure trove of experiences, including healthcare facilities to cater to your needs:

Oriana Hospital for One-Day Surgery – Al Khan: This facility provides a range of surgical procedures on an outpatient basis.

Located conveniently in Al Khan, Oriana Hospital for One Day Surgery is a leading facility specializing in outpatient surgical procedures. This means you can undergo surgery and recover comfortably at home on the same day.

Here’s a closer look at what Oriana Hospital offers:

  • Wide Range of Procedures: Oriana caters to a broad spectrum of outpatient surgeries, including:
    • Orthopedic procedures (arthroscopy, joint replacements)
    • Ear, Nose & Throat surgeries (tonsillectomy, septoplasty)
    • General surgical procedures (hernia repair, appendectomy)
    • Urological procedures (cystoscopy, vasectomy)
    • Gynecological procedures (D&C, hysteroscopy)
    • Ophthalmic procedures (cataract surgery)
    • Dermatological procedures (skin biopsies, mole removal)
    • And more!
  • Advanced Technology: The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and modern surgical suites to ensure patient safety and optimal outcomes.
  • Experienced Team: A highly skilled team of surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals provide personalized care and expertise throughout your surgical journey.
  • Comfort and Efficiency: Oriana prioritizes patient comfort. The streamlined process ensures a smooth experience from pre-operative assessment to discharge.
  • Benefits of Outpatient Surgery: Opting for outpatient surgery at Oriana offers several advantages:
    • Shorter hospital stay: Recover in the comfort of your own home on the same day.
    • Reduced cost: Outpatient procedures are generally less expensive than traditional hospital stays.
    • Faster recovery: Many outpatient procedures have shorter recovery times.
    • Less disruption: Minimize disruption to your daily routine.

Medcare Medical Centre, Sharjah: This multi-specialty clinic offers a wide range of consultations with general practitioners and specialists.

Situated in the heart of Al Khan, Medcare Medical Centre offers a comprehensive range of medical services under one roof. This makes it a convenient and reliable option for residents seeking quality healthcare, from routine checkups to consultations with specialists.

Here’s what sets Medcare Medical Centre apart:

  • Multi-Specialty Care: Medcare boasts a team of experienced and qualified general practitioners (GPs) and specialists across various disciplines, including:
    • Internal Medicine
    • Pediatrics
    • Dermatology
    • Ophthalmology
    • ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat)
    • Gynecology
    • Dentistry
    • Orthopedics
    • And more!
  • Advanced Diagnostics: The center is equipped with modern diagnostic facilities, including:
    • In-house laboratory for blood tests, X-rays, and other investigations.
    • Advanced imaging equipment (ultrasound, etc.) for accurate diagnosis.
  • Convenient Services: Medcare prioritizes patient experience by offering:
    • Extended operating hours, including Fridays. (Call to confirm specific timings).
    • Online appointment booking for ease and efficiency.
    • Multilingual staff to cater to diverse patients.
    • In-house pharmacy for filling prescriptions after consultations.
  • Patient-Centered Approach: Medcare is committed to providing personalized care. You can expect:
    • Thorough consultations with doctors who listen to your concerns.
    • Clear explanations of diagnoses and treatment options.
    • A comfortable and welcoming environment.

Who can benefit from Medcare Medical Centre?

  • Individuals and families seeking primary care services from a GP.
  • Those requiring consultations with specialists for specific health concerns.
  • People needing diagnostic tests like blood work or X-rays.
  • Anyone seeking convenient healthcare with extended hours.

Zulekha Medical Centre: This established healthcare provider offers consultations with various specialists and diagnostic services.

This established medical center is part of the Zulekha Healthcare Group, a renowned network of hospitals and clinics across the UAE.

What Makes Zulekha Medical Centre Stand Out?

  • Experienced Team: The center is staffed by a team of qualified and experienced doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals across various disciplines, including:
    • General Practitioners (GPs) for routine checkups and primary care.
    • Specialists in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Gynecology, and more.
    • Skilled nurses and technicians who provide compassionate and efficient care.
  • Comprehensive Services: Zulekha Medical Centre offers a diverse range of services to cater to your needs:
    • Consultations: Book appointments with GPs or specialists for various health concerns.
    • Diagnostics: Avail in-house laboratory services for blood tests, X-rays, and other investigations. Some imaging services may require referral to a partnering facility.
    • Pharmacy: A convenient on-site pharmacy allows you to fill prescriptions after consultations.
    • Preventive Care: The center promotes preventive healthcare by offering vaccinations and health screenings.
  • Focus on Patient Comfort: Zulekha Medical Centre prioritizes a positive patient experience:
    • Convenient Location: Easily accessible within the Al Khan area.
    • Flexible Timings: Extended operating hours cater to busy schedules (call to confirm specific timings).
    • Modern Facilities: The center utilizes advanced medical equipment for accurate diagnosis and treatment.
    • Multilingual Staff: Staff members can communicate in multiple languages to ensure clear communication with patients.

Who can benefit from Zulekha Medical Centre?

  • Individuals and families seeking primary care services from a GP.
  • Those requiring consultations with specialists for specific health concerns.
  • People needing diagnostic tests like blood work or X-rays.
  • Anyone seeking convenient healthcare with extended hours.

Al Khalidya Health Center: This government-run clinic provides basic healthcare services and is a good option for minor ailments.

While it may not have all the bells and whistles of a private medical center, it serves as a valuable resource for residents seeking affordable and accessible care.

What Services Does Al Khalidya Health Center Offer?

  • General Consultations: The clinic has a team of general practitioners (GPs) who can address a wide range of common health concerns, such as:
    • Colds, flu, and other minor illnesses
    • Infections (earaches, urinary tract infections, etc.)
    • Allergies and skin conditions
    • Management of chronic health conditions (diabetes, high blood pressure)
    • Pre-employment medical checkups (subject to specific requirements)
  • Preventative Care: Al Khalidya Health Center promotes preventive healthcare by offering:
    • Childhood immunizations according to the UAE vaccination schedule.
    • Prenatal care services for expecting mothers (may be limited).
    • Health screenings for some common conditions.
  • Medication Dispensing: The clinic may have a limited pharmacy on-site, dispensing basic medications as prescribed by the doctors.

Benefits of Choosing Al Khalidya Health Center:

  • Affordability: Government-run clinics like Al Khalidya offer significantly lower consultation fees compared to private healthcare providers. This makes it a good option for those seeking cost-effective medical care, especially for minor ailments.
  • Accessibility: The center’s location within Al Khan makes it convenient for residents, particularly those residing near Al Khan Street.
  • Wait Times: Be prepared for potentially longer waiting times compared to private clinics due to higher patient volume.

Things to Consider Before Visiting Al Khalidya Health Center:

  • Limited Specialists: Specialists like cardiologists, ophthalmologists, or dentists are typically not available at government health centers. For consultations requiring specialist care, a referral to a hospital or specialized clinic may be necessary.
  • Language: While Arabic is the primary language, some staff may speak basic English. If you have limited Arabic proficiency, consider bringing someone who can interpret for you.

Finding Out More About Al Khalidya Health Center:

Since government health centers in Sharjah may not have individual websites, it’s best to contact the Emirates Health Services (EHS) for the most up-to-date information:

  • Emirates Health Services Website:
  • Contact Number: You can try calling the EHS call center at +971 6 822 0000 for general enquiries about government health centers in Sharjah.

Al Khalidya Health Center serves as a cornerstone for basic healthcare needs within the Al Khan community. It’s a good option for affordable consultations, preventive care, and medication dispensing for minor ailments.

Choosing the Right Healthcare Provider:

The best healthcare provider for you depends on your specific needs. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Type of Care: Do you need a general practitioner, a specialist, or urgent care?
  • Insurance: Does the facility accept your insurance plan?
  • Language: Do they have staff who speak your preferred language?
  • Wait Times: Consider online reviews to get an idea of typical wait times.
  • Location and Hours: Choose a facility convenient to your location and with operating hours that suit your schedule.

Al Khan provides a range of healthcare options, ensuring you have access to medical attention when needed.

With its beautiful beaches, family-friendly atmosphere, and convenient amenities, Al Khan can be your ideal Sharjah community.

Future Developments

Al Khan is poised for further growth with several upcoming projects aimed at enhancing the area’s infrastructure and amenities.

image 3

New residential complexes, commercial spaces, and recreational facilities are in the pipeline, promising to elevate Al Khan’s appeal even further.


Al Khan is a dynamic area that beautifully blends historical charm with modern living.

Its strategic location, diverse housing options, cultural significance, and robust amenities make it an attractive destination for residents and visitors alike.

Whether you’re looking to relocate or simply explore, Al Khan offers a unique and enriching experience.


What makes Al Khan a desirable place to live?

Al Khan’s appeal lies in its rich history, cultural significance, and modern amenities.

It offers a variety of housing options, excellent educational and healthcare facilities, and a vibrant commercial scene, making it a desirable place to live.

How is the public transportation in Al Khan?

Public transportation in Al Khan is convenient, with easy access to major highways and public transit options.

The area is well-connected to other parts of Sharjah and Dubai, making commuting relatively hassle-free.

Are there good schools in Al Khan?

Yes, Al Khan is home to several reputable schools, including the International School of Creative Science and Al Khan English School.

Additionally, higher education institutions like the American University of Sharjah are easily accessible.

What kind of recreational activities are available in Al Khan?

Al Khan offers a wide range of recreational activities, including beach outings, park visits, and sports facilities. Popular spots include Al Khan Beach, Al Montazah Parks, and various fitness centers.

Is Al Khan a safe neighborhood?

Yes, Al Khan is known for its low crime rates and strong community safety initiatives. The local authorities work diligently to ensure the safety and well-being of residents and visitors, making it a secure place to live and explore.

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